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HeroesCon ‘14 - Lady Blackhawk


    HeroesCon ‘14 - Lady Blackhawk

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    For the Soultaker

    そう俺は夢を掴む者 野望のため刀を赤く染める 

    Sou ore wa yume wo tsukamu mono yabou no tame katana wo akaku someru

    Yes, I am one who seizes their dreams

    I stain my sword red for my ambitions”

    ~Episode 0 by Gackt

    Tatsu for my Tatsu, memento-moony!! This is my first time drawing her and I’m glad I got that prompt. XD

    Random story time! I have a group of friends called “Nerds of Prey” haha! And yeah… We’re what the name says. (ノ≧∀≦)ノ alliealison is Babs. HEEHEE~

    Anyway! That song… I just… Thought of Tatsu and her “husband.” XD

    Hope you like this!

    Check out the other color palette meme fills here! 

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    Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) - Birds of Prey Vol. 2 #12

    Helena fighting dirty cops and she can’t shoot them because she promised Renee she won’t hurt them too bad, so she’s using her crossbow as a blunt weapon. I love how resourceful Helena is.

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    Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) & Lady Blackhawk (Zinda Blake)

    Birds of Prey #114, #115, #116

    These three issues are a must read if you love both Helena Bertinelli and Zinda Blake and the friendship they share. They’re wonderful issues with great art. Hel and Zinda have the best friendship I’ve ever seen in a comic book. Ever. You won’t regret buying these comics.

    Oh, and if you have some extra money lying around, get Birds of Prey #117.

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The Black Canary by Kevin Antonio Reddick
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    Birds of Prey #4 - “The Ravens Strike”

    written by Chuck Dixon
    art by Greg Land & Drew Geraci

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    Batgirl - Fight

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    Comic Meme> [4/5] Favorite Teams

        Birds of Prey

     ”But in the meantime there are people who need our help.”

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    NOTE: I am ignoring wholesale the post-Flashpoint world wherein Barbara is simply the biological daughter of the elder Barbara Gordon and James Gordon, as there is no indication that she is anything but in the New52 continuity. Therefore this post refers to pre-Flashpoint Barbara in comic canon.

    //Well there are a few versions of this story.

    In the TV show, of course, which comprises the most prominent pop culture variation of Barbara Gordon (at least to those not regularly reading comics), she was Jim’s daughter. No nuance or anything. It was just so. In the cartoons there was also no suggestion that she was anything but. She called Jim “Dad”.

    Comic continuity is a bit more complicated.

    Before the Crisis? She was Jim’s daughter. I am unaware of any content which suggests anything but prior to the original Crisis in 1985.

    After the crisis, things got a little messier. Barbara was the daughter of Thelma and Roger Gordon, Jim’s brother. There are actually two differing stories of how she was orphaned but the broad strokes are that an auto accident and alcohol are consistent to both. After losing Roger and Thelma, Barbara went to live with Jim.

    I’m going to go below a cut for the rest to avoid spoilers from those who want to read some of the key issues on point which are:

    • Secret Origins Vol 2, Issue 20 (1987) - Roger’s debut issue
    • Legends of the DC Universe 10 (published 1998) - shows a slightly modified version of how Roger & Thelma died, story continuing into issue 11
    • Gotham Knights #6 (2000)

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